Africa Futura Wildlife Restoration Lda, as the concessionaire for Coutada 5, a formally protected area of almost 687 000 ha or 6 870 km in Mozambique on the east coast of southern Africa, accepts that custodianship of this large and unique place of beauty, goes hand-in-hand with responsible development and the sustainable use of the renewable natural resources. To ensure that this responsibility is met, and to comply with the contractual requirements set by the Government of Mozambique when the concession was granted, proper planning would be of the essence.

Africa Futura Wildlife Restoration Lda has already started with the preparation of a comprehensive set of management plans, including firstly a Five-year Management Plan that will be submitted to the Government of Mozambique for approval during the third quarter of 2013, followed by a more detailed Biodiversity Business Plan that should also be available during the third quarter of 2013. These overarching plans provide the "what" and "why" of the project, and will be augmented by a series of Operational Plans that will provide the 'how' of the development. Some Operational Plans are already being prepared.

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