The administration and administrative management of Coutada 5 provide for the establishment of a staff structure. The role and mission of the staff establishment is such that it will facilitate the execution of the Coutada’s objectives:
“To ensure the effective conservation of the terrestrial and freshwater resources by means of low intensity, rigidly controlled and environmentally sensitive commercial development to the benefit of the local communities, investors, and the broader region., and to ensure that the development guidelines of the Biodiversity Business Plan and its associated subordinate plans, are effectively implemented and all the project objectives are ultimately realized”

To effectively serve the interests of the local communities, a number of formal structures are in the process of being established, namely a Government Liaison Committee, and three community structures: the overarching Coutada Community Trust, the Coutada Community Conservation Committee and the Coutada Community Agricultural Committee.

Personnel management will take place according to Coutada Standing Orders and a Coutada Staff Code. A preferential employment policy, in favor of the local people, is implemented. Other aspects dealt with are staff training, capacity building, waste management, security and law enforcement, health management and finally financial management.