There are currently 12 operational Coutadas, or Wildlife Management Areas/ Controlled Hunting Areas in Mozambique, of which Coutada 5 at 687 000 ha is the largest. The Government of Mozambique allocates the Coutadas to suitable applicants on a leasehold contract basis. These contracts make provision for the development and management of the Coutadas, without ownership being granted to the concessionaires. The contract for Coutada 5 was granted in August 2012 to the holding company, Africa Futura Wildlife Restoration Lda (AFWR) on a 20 year lease, thereafter renewable in segments of five years each. Since Mozambique, notwithstanding encouraging and sustained economic growth, still ranks 184 out of 187 countries on the human development rank, the contract stresses the need for economic development and socio-economic upliftment of the local communities. In order to comply with these contractual requirements, AFWR accepted and applies the policy of community-based natural resources management.