Initial calculations indicated that AFWR would find it virtually impossible to carry all the expenses emanating from the rehabilitation and development of Coutada 5. The rehabilitation costs are calculated to be US $32,6 million, of which the major portion would be the rehabilitation of the denuded wildlife populations. Annual operating costs will run to an estimated US $450 000, giving an operational deficit of some US $140 000. This rather bleak forecast indicate that the break-even point may be reached in year six, at which time the cumulative deficit will be in the order of US $840 000. Measured against this loss, however, must be firstly the scope and national importance of a successful wildlife rehabilitation program, and the monthly income boost of US $27 000 to the local project-involved people. These figures are unheard of not only locally, but also in the whole region. The successful development of the Coutada 5 project, will thus have a hugely beneficial impact on the local economy. AFWR hopes to attract donor assistance to pave the way to get the challenging but ultimately highly deserving project off the ground.